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Download Ignite UI

The easiest way to get going with Ignite UI is to just download our full product, but we have other options that you can check out below.

Download Full Product Download Custom Build
Plus Samples, Extensions, and More Helpful Goodies

Use Our CDN

Instead of downloading the script files into your project, you can just use our CDN links, which increase the chances of the Ignite UI libraries being already cached on users' computers.

To find out how and learn more about Ignite UI dependencies, check out our Getting Started page.

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Download Custom Build for Ignite UI Desktop

If you know what you are using in your project and want to create a custom build with only those features to maximize performance and minimize download size, a custom build is a good option. Just select the features you are using below and choose Download Custom Build when you are ready.

Data Visualization

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Olap Pivot


Download Custom Build
Or use the list of files below